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Birth Injuries/Birth Trauma Injuries

Birth Injures/Birth Trauma Injuries

What’s a Birth Injury?

A birth injury is defined as any trauma or injury sustained during the course of delivering a child. Sometimes such injuries are not very serious. Minor bruising, for example, may not cause the infant any lasting problems. However, some birth injuries are very serious, requiring significant medical intervention and long term care. Severe trauma can cause life-long disability, and sometimes a stillborn birth and premature death.

What Are the Causes of a Birth Injury?

The causes of infant injuries are varied and complicated. However, the 2 basic categories are: (1) birth injuries caused by pregnancy complications and natural causes, and (2) birth injuries caused by negligence or medical malpractice. In the first category, pregnancy complications include issues such a miscarriage. During the first trimester, for example, the most common cause of miscarriage is chromosomal abnormality - meaning that something is not correct with the baby's chromosomes. Natural causes can include genetic disease inherited from a close family member.

Other injuries fall into the latter category --- caused by negligence or medical malpractice. They include but are not limited to:

  1. Labor and delivery errors: A labor error could include a doctor or hospital's failure to monitor the baby and delay the decision to do a cesarean. It also could include the failure to detect a birth defect early in the pregnancy. A delivery error could includes the failure to detect an abnormal birth position prior to delivery.
  2. A medication error includes a doctor's carelessness in giving a mother the wrong medication that causes premature delivery or death of the unborn child.

These are just examples of the careless errors that could lead to very serious injury to your child, or the child of a loved one. Years of medical care, developmental and other problems could occur as a result of a hospital or doctor's carelessness.

For example, take a quick look at this case of a mother losing her child (unwanted abortion) because she was given a drug in error that is used to force dead fetuses out of the womb. These labor and delivery errors, and medication errors causing injury or death, are just a few of the birth injuries that can happen to pregnant women and their families.

What Can You Do if Something Like This Happens to You?

We at the GARROW LAW FIRM hope that your pregnancy is uneventful and concludes with the birth of a healthy boy or girl. However, if something bad happens during or at the end of your pregnancy, and you believe that a hospital or doctor committed a careless error that could have been avoided, call The GARROW LAW FIRM and we may be able to investigate this problem.

PLEASE DON'T TAKE MATTERS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS AND GO TO HOSPITAL THREATENING TO SUE SOMEONE! This behavior can be used against you in your legal action in the future. Even worse, some so-called medical professionals have been known to change or destroy medical records and cover up the careless error. Your yelling will put them on notice to engage in such actions. There may be someone at the hospital waiting to help you but wants to do it quietly and confidentially in order to keep his or her job. Let us handle the investigation in a quiet and respectful manner.


No amount of money can make up for the traumatic injury or death of your child. But money can be used to pay medical bills, provide future care for a severely injured child, allow a mother or father to spend time with a traumatically injured child instead of working more hours to pay for medical bills, and provide some comfort for the pain, suffering and loss.