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Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

The Garrow Law Firm handles serious truck crashes that result in life changing injuries for our clients.

Unfortunately, a small number of truck crashes are not just "fender benders." Some truck crashes leave victims severely injured and unable to enjoy life as before the crash.These individuals might suffer traumatic brain injuries, (also known as TBI); serious back and spinal cord injuries; knee, shoulder, arm and other serious orthopedic injuries; facial injuries requiring extensive plastic surgery; and other catastrophic injuries. Call us to help you begin the process of holding another driver or company responsible for these serious and sometime permanent injuries.

Is your loved one or friend having difficulty taking the next step to obtain justice after a life changing truck crash? It's not usual for someone to say "This was God's plan" or "I cannot deal with a lawsuit ...I'll get by." In such a situation, you might have to take charge and get us involved first as a sounding board. Sometimes your loved one or friend just needs someone else to move the process forward. You make the call to us, and we'll help with the rest. We believe that most of God's plans are executed by his Saints right here on earth! He is wating for us to act!!!

Please don't let your loved one miss an opportunity to obtain justice.

There are laws that sometimes prevent people from going forward in court because they have waited too long. Help your family member and let us walk them through this problem. In the end, your family member or friend will appreciate it. Some of the above might not sound like what you have heard from a lawyer before, but it's what we've heard from our clients.